Miami Meltdown

On February 16, 2017 by admin

The Heat lost five of their last six games. In their latest contest against Chicago, LeBron James failed to close out the game with a layup attempt during the final seconds of the game giving Miami 86-87 loss.

“The Miami Heat is exactly what everyone wanted, losing games,” Wade said. “The world is better now because the Heat is losing.”

This interpretation from Wade raised a few questions for me. Wade aren’t you the captain of this team? Aren’t you the guy who has brought your talents only to South Beach your entire career and brought the only title to the city in 2006? Take responsibility. Heat lost four straight against some of the NBA’s elite teams (Chicago twice, New York, Orlando and San Antonio), and now Wade wants to throw a pity party. I don’t know about the other NBA fans, but I’m not attending. I understand you’re feeling like the villains of the league. But that’s going to happen when you hold a pre season rally and predict championships alongside James before playing a single game together. (“Not 4.. Not 5 Not 6… Not 7”)

We’ve all seen Wade hit a number of game deciding shots throughout his career in Miami. Why hasn’t he taken the initiative to get the ball in his hands at the end of games? Is Spoelstra the one preventing this from happening? With Chicago doing so well right now, it makes me wonder if Wade regrets staying in Miami to play alongside James. Chicago was very interested in signing Wade during the offseason. Derrick Rose publically expressed he wouldn’t mind having the shoot guard on his team. Both guys grew up in the windy city.

It seems like every time both James and Wade are having great games (only way Miami have a chance of winning), James still has to take the final shot.

“I told my team, I’m not going to continue to fail late in games,” James said.

You shouldn’t have to. Watching James in the last two minutes of games gives me flashbacks of the Cleveland Cavilers last season. Isolation play- James does what he wants with the ball. It’s the same story. The pattern looked a bit different against the Bulls under a minute. Mario Chalmers hit two big shots. One three pointer to tie the game, and a lay-up that put them ahead. However, when it came down to the final play everyone made room for #6 to make his move. Miami made it so obvious it was laughable. Bosh stands down in the post, and Wade sags down in the wing. Everyone stands still. I could hear my high school basketball coach ringing in my ear and screaming “motion!” At least make Chicago think you’re going to do something different for a change. Instead the Heat only move towards the post getting ready for a rebound (while Chalmers stood deep in the corner, praying things could change for once).

The post game reaction continued to get interesting when coach Spoelstra told the media that there were a few guys from Miami crying in the locker room after the loss. I found it very odd for a coach to expose that kind of information out to the press. It makes Miami look very defeated and doesn’t help the situation get any better. Had the loss been following a playoff defeat is one thing but to say that at a press conference during the regular season is another.
“We’ll figure it out,” says Wade.

Sounds all but too familiar this season and as the clock continues to click on the Heat, the window of opportunity is getting slimmer by the minute.

Miami plays the Lakers tonight- a team that is seeking revenge after their blowout loss to Miami on Christmas day. So it doesn’t get much easier for the Heat. They must get it together and if it comes down to a final shot, don’t be surprised if the James isn’t taking the last shot. At least I will be surprised. Miami can’t afford to continue down this losing path. It’s enough to make Heat fans cry. Or as Spoelstra revealed, even the players.

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