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Welcome to the NBAtoday.net NBA Blog, where you will find plenty of information, speculation, opinion, and insight from a group of NBA fans, who are devoted to the game we love.

Did I say fans? Yes. I say this, because I want it to be clear, that unlike many blogs you will see around the Internet, we are far from being full of ourselves, and hold just as much “expertise” as your ex-girlfriend who somehow picked the best NCAA bracket for last year’s tourney. So instead of boosting our egos about how much we know about the NBA, it’s much more important for us to be respected for our passion.

That being said, let me introduce you to why we’re different.

Why NBAtoday.net?

Categories beyond Categories – Because there are many of us involved with this website, we each bring different strengths and weaknesses passions to the table. Browsing around the site, you’ll see posts belonging to very different aspects of the NBA, from our Worst Player Rankings, to our opinions on many of the latest hot-button basketball topics. Our differences as fans combine to create our biggest strengths (…and numerous debates!). We hope to be able to relate to fans of a large spectrum.

Stay Up to Date – We are NBAtoday.net, therefore we look to stay up to date with as many current and relevant posts as possible. We may lay in the weeds on the weekends, but that doesnt mean we arent tweeting (@NBAToday). But Monday through Friday, we bring the ruckus.

Posts with Substance – Please remember, we are much more than an NBA news site. We provide heaps of posts, showcasing our opinions and insights on a range of issues, from the funniest moments in the League, to Shooter’s disdain for Lebron James. You can read news on most sites, but be sure to check us out for the unique posts we offer.

Interaction & Fun – We love to see comments under our posts, and responses to our rants on Twitter (@nbatoday). We always respond to any comments directed to us, to engage in further discussion to elaborate more from a post. Many blogs are “too cool for school,” and show their readers no love!

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If you like what you see and appreciate the passion we bring, then don’t hesitate to subscribe to the blog. You can also follow us on twitter and instagram (@nbatoday) If you have any suggestions on how we can make this blog better for you, don’t hesitate to e-mail us!

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